1570 Cinema Services is the premier cleaning and maintenance firm for your large format theater.  Servicing flat screens, domes, and now Multiplex screens, 1570 Cinema Services supports all 51 countries worldwide in which these theaters can be found.  Extending the life and enhancing the beauty of your theater's screen is affordable and trouble-free.  Let the professionals at 1570 Cinema Services tell you how.   Contact us today for a customized quote.

Recent News

1570 Cinema Services has added Front-End Fabric Cleaning to the list of services provided to clients. This service includes cleaning the maskings, curtains, valances and sidewalls of your theater’s auditoriums. For images of the difference you can expect from this service please see our Photos page.

1570's screen cleaning process was awarded US patent number 7,666,262 for cleaning large format or giant movie screens.

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