Notice the drastic difference our process can make to 2D screens, increasing light reflection by removing years of dust build-up. Photo taken by Jenn Bentz of the Pacific Science Center.

Flat 3D Screen

Flat 3D screen. Top left not cleaned. Bottom left cleaned with preliminary process. Right side finished with complete process. Lines in photo are the cables that support the cleaning device.

Flat 3D Screen

Flat screen close-up. Compare side cleaned with our process compared to years of dust build up.

Flat 3D Screen

Dome screen. As you can see from this photo taken during our cleaning that this dome now clearly obvious and back to blending into the dome panels -the way it was designed.

Flat 3D Screen

Photo shows contrast between clean and dusty surface. Taken from the seating area after initial cleaning process was started.

Multiplex Side Adjustable Masking

Multiplex side adjustable masking: Top dirty/Bottom clean.

Multiplex Top Fabric

Multiplex top fabrics: Side curtain clean. Top masking and valance cleaning process started.

Multiplex Sidewall Before

Multiplex sidewall and fabric: Before cleaning process.

Multiplex Sidewall After

Multiplex sidewall and fabric: After cleaning process.

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