Our Services

We provide service for all large format theaters as 1570 Cinema Services LLC, a company created specifically to provide screen cleaning and repair for all Large Format and Multiplex screens and domes.

We have taken the experience learned from years of regular Multiplex screen cleaning to design a system specifically tailored to large format screens and domes. During our 15 years working in the Multiplex market, we have cleaned thousands of movie screens across the country.

1570 Cinema Services operates worldwide and is prepared to service your screen or dome in any location, in both 2D and 3D formats.

How We Work

Until now, there has been a gap in the services available to the Large Format industry. Large screens and Domes have rapid dust and contaminate build up just as Multiplex screens do. This dust compromises the optical characteristics of your screen and can diminish your screen’s brightness by up to 50%.

Routinely performed at the Multiplex level, screen cleaning is proven to improve screen longevity and image quality.

Large Format Flat Screens

The method for cleaning the screen is the same for every theater but due to differences in how screens are hung and configured, customized rigging is required to position the cleaning device at the top of the screen surface.

Our equipment is designed to be as lightweight as possible, using lightweight fabrics and alloys, so that it may be easily maneuvered in front of the screen for a more effective clean than other processes attempted by others in the past.

The only effective way to clean a screen or dome is from the front viewing side.

The trick to effectively cleaning a screen from the front lies in the ability to remove all the dust in a uniform manner. We use a chemical-free dry cleaning method

We perform the cleaning over a 1-2 night period, while your theater is closed, so that showings never have to be canceled for our services.

Large Format Domes

This service has become very popular recently. The reason, we have found, is because domes collect dust at a higher rate than flat screens. The dome itself acts as a filter of the air in the theater due to the location of the air conditioning supply/return air vents. See the Photos section to witness the difference our process can make.

1570 has a method of cleaning that is extremely effective and safe to the surface. The same materials are used as in our patent-pending flat screen process.

Dome cleanings are also performed at night while your theater is closed and require only one night. Contact us for a list of dome theater references.

Multiplex Screen Cleaning

The high traffic environment of your Multiplex screens will benefit from semi-annual cleaning by the experts at 1570 Cinema Services. Take advantage of our flexible overnight and weekend appointments times that will ensure you get the services you need when it is most convenient to your theater's show times.

Our Multiplex service does not require a survey, as Large Format theaters, and all work is performed from the ground level. The materials that touch your screen are what set our process aside from the rest, using the latest in technology and our LF process we can provide a more effective, gentle cleaning.

Contact us for a list of Multiplex pricing and references.

Front-End Fabric Cleaning

1570 Cinema Services is pleased to offer front-end fabric cleaning to the list of services provided. We have a safe, effective process for removing years of unsightly dust and debris build-up, improving presentation for your customers.

See our photos section for examples of how effective our front-end fabric cleaning process can be.

You should get the most out of your screens USEFUL life and give your patrons the best possible viewing surface to enhance the Large Format or Multiplex experience. Have it cleaned annually by the industry's only professionals, 1570 Cinema Services.

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